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Charter Bus to New Orleans

Choosing a destination for your next vacation is the hardest part of the vacation; it doesn’t matter if it’s a family vacation, romantic get-away, or a weekend with your friends. You can throw a dart at a spinning globe and chose where you want to go – someone might lose an eye and have a terrible vacation. Luckily, there is one place that never fails to make for the perfect getaway – New Orleans. The food, the culture, the jazz, and the history that paves the streets are the perfect combination for a vacation you will never forget.


Food can make or break a vacation. If you are promised a full service steak and lobster buffet and only get some dried out chicken nuggets to nibble on, well that vacation is ruined. Luckily in New Orleans, delicious food is a stone throw away in any direction; authentic shrimp po-boys, gumbo, seafood, creole delicacies, and any dessert you can imagine. From street vendors, to fancy sit down dining New Orleans has anything your taste buds could imagine and more.


But what to do after you’ve filled your stomach to the point of bursting? You walk it off of course. What better way to do that than a self guided tour through the historic French Quarter? From the French Market to shop for gifts for the family that couldn’t join your amazing vacation, to the historical importance of the Cabildo House where the Louisiana Purchase was signed, there is something for everyone to do.


After a day of eating, and checking out the sights, it’s after dark and the kids are in bed and the adults want to party. Lucky for you, New Orleans doesn’t sleep. Bourbon Street flourishes after hours. You can go gamble at the casino, listen to any type of Jazz and live performances you can handle. Drinking is also encouraged. Want to do something a little bit spookier? Do a midnight tour of the many cemeteries New Orleans boasts. Discover the origins of Voodoo by visiting the hundreds of spirit shops and do a haunted tour of New Orleans if you feel brave enough. Maybe you will get lucky and encounter Marie Laveau, legendary Queen of Voodoo.


After seeing all the sights, eating all the food, running away from all the ghosts, and buying gifts for the family for the rest of the year, you can only imagine how tired you are going to be once it’s time to return home. The last thing you want to deal with is navigating yourself to the airport and sitting on a plane full of strangers. Why not a Chartered Bus? Arrive home in comfortable style with your own chauffeur or designated driver if you don’t want the party to stop just because you left New Orleans.


Charted Buses are safe, efficient, and save you the worry of navigating yourself to and from your destination. Let some else worry about all the details so you can focus on having a good time with your friends and family.


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